Cira has its origins in the Old Greek language. It is used largely in Italian and Spanish. The name Cira means 'of the lord'. It is derived from the word kyrios which is of the meaning 'lord'

The meaning of the name “Cira” is: “Sun”

Cira is digital currency Not minted or endorsed by any nation, but by users across the globe and is used for funding dream projects and business anywhere in the world, with no borders or limits. 1SENCE tokens are mined by users in a team network pool, where the team size set’s the rate of mining tokens.

You can get 1SENCE token’s for free by team network mining or by introducing new members to 1SENCE platform for realizing their dream projects.

1SENCE tokens are minted to produce Cira’s

Value of Cira is created by the different projects and is directly proportional to the profit share; as people, and businesses, move the market through buying and selling Cira’s for services or products.

Every member with a 1SENCE platform plays an important role in creating value of Cira on the peer-to-peer team network. Value is earned by each participant and users stay in full control of their digital Cira’s.

1 Sence FEES