Frequently Asked Questions

What is 1Sence?
1Sence is a unique platform created by IsherVon for mining of tokens, minting and trading of Cira on the in-house interconnected 1Sence community platform. On this 1Sence platform, all community contributors -
  • Create and share their dream project portfolio with the world around
  • Mine tokens and mint Cira for funding own dream project and
  • Trade Cira within the 1Sence community for different services.
What Is UID (Or Unique ID)?
All the contributors (members) on 1Sence platform are given a unique ID. This Unique ID is linked with your projects and your mining site (Direct Id’s) . All contributors are given a equal opportunity for mining and are initially given only one site for mining.
What Is Cira Funding?
It is a very unique concept and new form of profit-share based funding; here the crowd do not directly fund any individual project or business, however the IsherVon, the 1Sence and the contributors co-fund in your dream projects from the profits earned in Cira’s from different businesses and projects of 1Sence community.

Cirafunding is a collective team effort. Think about the power of one single individual and then multiply it by hundreds, thousands, or even millions! When a lot of people get together and pool their resources, networks, and ideas, it can have a huge benefit for all.

Of course, the internet has made all of this much easier, scalable, and resource-friendly for all parties. So instead of your fundraising coming just from within your organization through soliciting donors; with Cirafunding, you can leverage your already inspired supporters to fundraise for your mission through their own personal profits from the 1Sence community and spread the word about your dream project through their online networks, social media groups, and through email. Whether it's for a fundraising event or just a awareness campaign or go to market strategy for your new product, expanding your marketing channels will, without a doubt, help to sustain your organization's for the future.

Cira funding is a way in which people and businesses (including start-ups) can try to raise funds from the 1Sence platform to support a business, project, campaign or individual dream.
What Is "Cira"?
Cira is digital currency Not minted or endorsed by any nation, but by users across the globe and is used for funding dream projects and business anywhere in the world, with no borders or limits. 1SENCE tokens are mined by users in a team network pool, where the team size set’s the rate of mining tokens.
Who Can Use Cirafunding?
Cirafunding can be used by any individual who is Cira Qualified and want to fulfill his dream project weather it is personal project or his business project, he can buy personal belongings or he can make a bigger wish for his dream home or it may be for a business startup or business enhancement or charity, Cira funding can be used for any of the purposes. Also variety of other entities have used it to their benefit, too -- including independent artists, production companies, political campaigns, startups, and even scientific researchers.
Who Is Cira Qualified?
Every Contributor who ever is looking for cirafunding for his or her dream projects, must have Cira qualified, for the Cira qualified you will have to study about our organisation and our concept thereafter you can appear for online test, if you successfully pass the test you will become Cira qualified and you will be eligible for cirafunding.
What Are The First Things I Need To Do?
You need to first do your registration with our company. There after you need to Share your dream in the form of your project portfolio; and let the 1Sence community know that you will mint the Ciras for funding your dream and that you pledge to trade the Ciras for your dream project thereby contributing to the value of Cira currency.

To start mining and minting of Ciras; You have to pay a initial membership fee to acquire/own a mining site for 1 year and become a contributor in the 1Sence community .

As soon as you start growing your team, tokens will start getting accumulated into your account. Always keep in mind that Cira tokens are mined in your personal site and are directly linked to your team size - bigger the team faster is the mining and you will have the Cira in your account based on your team effort.

You can choose any size of funds that you need for your dream projects, and to fulfill you have to have more than one mining sites.
How Can I Have More Than One Mining Site?
Any individual contributor can earn more than one mining site by
  • Introducing more contributors to 1Sence platform.
  • Upgrading the Mining package
  • Buying Leisure (Holiday) package
  • Buying Consulting packages (For Businesses ONLY)
And more to come
Once I’ve Chosen A Project, What’s Next?
Now that you’ve chosen a project there’s some research that you need to do. You need to figure out about what it will cost to do the project you have chosen and how long it will take to accomplish. With these details you can begin to estimate how much you’ll need to raise in your Cira account. While every project is different you’ll need to raise more Ciras in the account than the actual cost of doing the project. You’ll be fine tuning your budget as you go along, but a reasonable “rule of thumb” as a starting point is that you’ll want to raise 40% more than the direct project costs. In other words, if you need £10,000 to do your project, you’ll probably be looking at a campaign of about £14,000.
What Should I Do About Social Media?
Social media is widely regarded as extremely important tool for Cirafunding. Ideally you should have a steady stream of content about your 1Sence project campaign on as many of the social media sites as you can. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter are probably the most important. If you have enough volunteer resources you might assign a couple of people to each platform to lead the communications efforts there. It’s not effective to say support our campaign 30 times during the course of the campaign. You need to have varying messages to keep things fresh. You might talk about Cira funding milestones reached, new rewards or stretch goals announced, support from well-known people or groups, or press coverage that you’ve received. Social media posts should go out at various times of day. Be sure to identify any discussion groups relevant to your organization and dream project. This is a way for you and your team-contributors to get the word beyond you own contacts. During the planning phase some of your team supporters should have joined these groups and participated in discussions. Now that the campaign is active, they can post discussions and hopefully mention the 1Sence project portfolio campaign and provide links to it if permitted by the discussion group rules. Be careful to obey group rules and be sure that you’re posting on groups that are related to your project. Promoting your project on groups not interested in what you’re doing won’t help and if you persist you might be removed from the group.
Can I Advertise My 1Sence Project Campaign?
Yes you can certainly advertise your project campaign and many people does it. While there are lots of ways to advertise, there are affordable methods tied into social media. There are various ways to have ads or sponsored posts that help your message go much further. In many cases an expenditure of only a few hundred Ciras can propel your social media efforts to a whole new level.
What Is Referral Program ?
1Sence provides opportunity for its contributors to earn referral commission , based on a compensation plan, to earn extra income through referrals.

Its simple! There is no limit to how many friends you can refer, Every time your friend mints Cira’s from the tokens mined from there personal site, you will get a percentage of the minted Cira's as your personal commission.

This referral commission is extra on top of your targeted Cira funds for your dream project. Please refer direct referral bonus table.

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